Dealer FAQs

Jackson Square Mall features two floors of unique booths and displays.  Our vendors offer a hand selected variety of unique and original items. From home decor, vintage items to timeless home furnishings, clothing, artwork, jewelry and much more.  

How do I find out about becoming a dealer?

Please email or call 708-352-4120 for further information on booth size availability, lease information and to take a tour. 

How much is booth rental?

This depends on the booth or show case you select. 

How long are booth rentals for?

Booth rentals are month to month. You can terminate your booth with one month notice.

How are my items priced?

You decide how much to sell your items for. 

How are my items run up?

Items are labeled and scanned at checkout. 

How are my items labeled?

Labels are printed at the store by a store employee based on information you have added to Simpleconsign profile. Each dealer is responsible for adding their inventory via their Simpleconsign access. We print your labels during the week and you attach them to your items.

Can you conduct sales?

Yes, you must notify the store by Wednesday before the weekend of your sale for staff to add it to the software and print signs. You must include start and end dates of your sale.

How do you advertise?

We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, printed advertisements, work with local chamber and direct email. We also very much encourage you to promote your booth as well to your own fan base. 

How am I paid?

We are partners with you on a 85/15 (85% to you) basis on items that sell. ACH payments are processed on the 10th of each month for the previous month's sold items with the next month booth rent deducted.

What about taxes?

Each new dealer is required to fill out a W9 Form. 1099's are issued to each dealer at the end of the year for their gross sales January through December of the current year.