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Local Furniture Delivery Available! Email or arrange in store.

Jackson Square Named #1 in Illinois - It Takes Teamwork

Being named the number one antique mall in Illinois by Best Things Illinois is a humbling nomination for Jackson Square! We appreciate our fellow nominees and highly suggest you take a day or weekend to visit these antique malls.

Jackson Square won this title because of our dedicated dealers and team members. I am an only the conduite. We have a team of 14 individuals, 70+ dealers and valued partners like Rytech, LLC for social media. Each team member brings a passion and skill set that gives our guests a welcoming experience. Our team members make it a point to say “Welcome to Jackson Square” when a guest walks in, give “5 cent tour” to new guests and answer any questions they can. Our team tries to make you feel appreciated when you shop with us.

Our dealers make the shopping experience at Jackson Square with curated spaces and a diversified experience. Our dealers are hard working individuals! Some are working moms, hustlers to bring in extra cash or fulfilling a passion for vintage and antiques. They source their offerings by traveling for swap events, flea markets or waiting for two hours before an estate sale begins to get their name on the list. Their hardwork and dedication to being a part of the Jackson Square dealer family is a pivotal part of our team.

Thank you again for naming Jackson Square as the number one antique mall in La Grange. We could not have been named number one without our team!

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