Jackson Square Consignment is a unique shopping experience that utilizes dedicated consignment space to display and sell current and timeless-style previously owned furnishings & home accessories. Our consignment space is located within our multi-vendor antique and vintage mall.

Our inventory comes from beautiful homes throughout the Chicagoland area. We maintain consignor agreements for 60 days resulting in a constant turnover of quality goods promoting high, repeat shopper traffic.

How do I find out if my Furniture items will sell in your store?
All items must be pre-approved. You can email photos to, use the SUBMIT CONSIGNMENT ITEMS form or bring photos to the store including your name, address, phone number as well at the brand name and orig. purchase prices. From the photos, we can determine if the items would be a good fit for the store and set up a time for the items to come in to the store.

Can I see your consignor agreement?
Yes! Please click here and we ask that after your items are approved, you bring the completed form in with your items (feel free to use as many copies as you need) CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT

Are my items marked down over the 60 day consignment period?
We mark items down

-10% off after 20 days

-20% off at 40 days

-30% off at 60 days.

I only have home decor and accessories to consign. Do I have to take photos of these too?
Yes and an appointment must be scheduled.

*Due to space limitations, we may not be able to consign all decor pieces if the style, condition or season are not a good fit. 

Book a home decor appointment

How do you price my items?
We have an experienced team of valuing previously owned and new items. We price items after we have had an opportunity to inspect them. At that time, we will determine a price with consideration given to the original cost, age, demand, overall condition, brand name and market demand.

How do you advertise?
In addition to our beautiful brick & mortar showroom, most of our pieces are available to purchase online (Shop Online) and our customer base is throughout the entire US! Additionally, we advertise on Facebook, Instagram and our email database.

How am I paid?
We are partners with you! Items that are priced $750 or more are split on a 60/40 (60% to you) basis on items that sell. Items under $750 are sold on a 50/50 basis.

Checks are mailed on the 22nd of each month for the previous months sold items for all amounts over $50. Final balances under $50 will be issued quarterly.

What happens if my items don’t sell?
Most items will sell within the first 60 days, however, if an item does not sell at the end of the 60 day consignment period you may pick up your item within 3 days of your consignment end date or it becomes property of Jackson Square to sell or donate at our discretion (due to the volume of consignors we partner with, we do not notify consignors when items expire). We donate to the Beds Plus in La Grange, IL. You can decide to donate your proceeds to support Beds Plus at the time of consignment.

If you would like any unsold items back after their consignment period, please mark on your calendar 90 days from the date you consigned and pick them up within 3 days of that date. You can also keep track of your consigned items on our online consignor access.